Best Housing schemes in Rawalpindi


Best Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi


Best Housing schemes in Rawalpindi . As Rawalpindi has been developing over decades. Thus creating a mix of well-established and newly emerging housing societies in the location of Rawalpindi. In the well developed city housing schemes, Plot prices are very high due to saturation and rush in the nearby markets. On the other hand, newly developing societies at some distance from the city’s major residential locations are rapidly growing and offer plots in reasonable prices.

The top Rawalpindi housing schemes among new developers are prime attraction for business investment and living purposes. Some of the best housing schemes which are marked legal by RDA in the town are as follows:


Askari XI :

Askari XI Housing Scheme in Rawalpindi


Asakri XI is a decent residential area in Rawalpindi that holds a large community of residents living in this housing society. Range Road Rawalpindi directly runs along the side of Askari 11 and meets all the other rush areas of Rawalpindi, i.e. towards East it joins G.T Road, Saddar Market leading to Muree Road at one side and on the opposite side it joins Tench Bazaar which is one of the busiest markets in town. Afzal Town and Afshan Colony lie in its adjacent areas that are also well developed and well-known for their living. The wide and tidy roads in such an active location makes Askari XI a top choice for nearly all financial levels of investors and residents for investment and living. Additionally, a jogging track in Askari XI and commercial plaza for meeting needs of its residents add to its importance as a living choice.

Lake Vista Residencia:

Lake Vista Residencia Rawalpindi

Lake Vista Residencia is situated on main Adayala Road Rawalpindi. It also meets Rang Road that leads to beautiful Punjab forest, hence creating a fresh atmosphere in the location. Misriot Dam is also near Lake Vista Residencia that adds to the lush green beauty of the area.

In its surrounding, Gulshanabad is situated that is another home to a quite decent community of residents. According to map location, Lake Vista is only 3km away from cantonment limit, and only 13km away from Islamabad International Airport that shows that the path of Lake Vista joins both Islamabad and pindi on its opposite ends. Another important feature is its nearness to big famous hospitals of pindi CMH and MH that are only 9km away from Lake Vista Residencia Territory in map.

Lake Vista Residencia is approved by Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) and hence approved as legal. Its scheme includes commercial as well as plots for residential purposes that offer possession within one year only. Plot booking for Lake Residencia plots start from 20% and provide a comfortable installment plan of 2 years. Regarding the constructive amenities, Lake Residencia offers availability of marketing experts, farm houses and builders on hiring.

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Fazaia Housing Scheme:

In Rawalpindi, Fazaia Housing Scheme was launched in initial 1990’s that was a project of Fazaia Schemes for residential provision. Towards Islamabad, another Fazaia colony is developed near Tarnol, but this housing scheme in the city is at a better place that joins Islamabad Express Way towards one side and other side meets KRL road. Fazaia colony is towards the edge of the city and is a relatively posh area so the prices are towards the higher limit but the lush green beauty of the area makes it worth the budget.

Bahria Town Phase 8

Bahria Town Rawalpindi


Although Bahria Towns are isolated schemes from the main central regions of Rawalpindi, its phase 8 is included in the territory of Rawalpindi and is a very large piece of land. Portions like Safari Valley, Club City, Awami Villas and new Rose Garden are rapidly developing getting sold due to the luxurious amenities provides in reasonable prices.

The legal status of Bahria Town Phase 8 and its extension varies from block to block. Some blocks are legal and provide thorough possession whereas others are still awaiting possession; so, before making an investment in Bahria Town Phase 8 plots, it is necessary to check the legal status of the location in RDA.

The Bahria developers claim that only 35% of the Bahria phase 8 is allotted for residential plots whereas 65% area of the phase 8 territory is reserved for public amenities, and commercial facilities for business investment. Its adjacent scheme of DHA in Islamabad makes the flow of business between these two locations super easy.

Importantly, the residents face no shortage of water, gas and electricity, which are unfortunately considerable problems in the entire area due to its hilly nature. For these obvious plus points, Bahria phase 8 is considered among the top housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Society, Rawalpindi:



PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Society is situated next to Bahria Phase 8 on Adayala road. It is only 15 minutes away from Kachehri chowk towards one end and at equal distance to Saddar in Rawalpindi on the opposite end. PIAOCHS ideal location is complimented by the mountainous landscape covered in green. Most importantly, PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Society pindi is legal and endorsed by RDA.

After the approval of Ring Road plan, PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Society has gained focus due to its direct attachment with the future Ring Road. Its prices are also attracting a lot of investors in the area, as it offers 5marla plots in only 1,185,000pkr with down payment of 120,500pkr and monthly installments of only 12,775pkr. Similarly, a 7marla plot in PIAOCHS starts from 1,645,000pkr and vice versa. 10marla and 1kanal plots are also available in PIAOCHS Rawalpindi.

Eastridge Housing Society

Eastridge Housing Scheme
Eastridge Housing Scheme


Eastridge Housing Society is a fast developing area in Rawalpindi that is only 1 km away from Islamabad Highway. Its adjacent areas include Gulrez Housing Scheme, and Bostan Valley on upper side and Bahria-DHA towns towards its side. Primarily, Eastridge Housing Scheme is developed for residential purposes since 2850 plots of different sizes were allotted for residential site whereas 120 plots were kept for commercialism in pindi.

  • Eastridge Housing Society Map
  • Eastridge Housing Society Prices

Out of the whole legalised RDA provision, 32 kanals of land is given to IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Corporation). 60% development has already been done in O-9 scheme; more plots are still available for sale. Eastridge Housing Scheme is growing as a famous choice for peaceful residence with the passage of time.

Silver City Rawalpindi

Silver City Islamabad
Silver City Islamabad,

Silver City is a new housing project by Saremco group. Its map location shows the reason of its growing fame. Silver city is present on the junction of Rawalpind, Islamabad, Thalian interchange and eventually meets direct motorway. It’s a gated housing society that covers the luxury of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

In 2018, Silver City is offering different residential plot sizes on full price and also available on installments, i.e. 4 Marla plots in 1,200,000pkr and 1 kanal plot in 6,000,000pkr only. Other than green beauty of the hilly landscape, Silver City society also promises the availability of basic needs of people, like underground electricity system, gas network, hospital and schools etc.

PWD Housing Society, Rawalpindi


PWD Housing Scheme map

PWD housing society is present in Rawalpindi but a big part of it is very close of Islamabad Express Way (Faisal AVE). As seen in the map location of PWD Housing society, a double road passes through the centre of the society, joining two opposite queues of beautiful houses.

  • PWD Map
  • PWD Plot and House Prices

On the opposite side to Islamabad Express Way, it is only few kilometers apart from the busiest areas of Rawalpindi, e.g. Bahria Town, Satellite Town, and Korang Town. Its interconnection with other societies makes PWD one of most suitable residential housing societies in Rawalpindi for investment in 2018/2019.

Judicial Colony, Rawalpindi

Judicial Colony Rawalpindi
Judicial Colony Rawalpindi


Judicial colony is present very close to Islamabad Highway, near Islamabad Airport. Quality is maintained in Judicial Colony for a decent residence. Its adjacent locations on the map show Judicial Colony next to Gulzan-e-Quaid, Faisal Town, Nawaz Colony and Gulbahar Scheme, etc.

  • Judicial Colony Map
  • Judicial Colony Property Prices

Due to its nearness to Islamabad Airport, the airport society also lies on one side of it. Judicial colony has a purely residential development plan but it is present at a fine location from where one can easily move between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Therefore, Judicial Colony Rawalpindi can be considered a reasonable choice for real estate investment in 2018.

CBR Town, ECHS Rawalpindi



CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society is present on the junction of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, so is mostly named with Islamabad. It joins Islamabad territory easily, so enjoys the luxury of the capital. The developers of CBR Town claim that they have maintained optimum quality and customer satisfaction that enlists CBR ECHS among the best housing schemes in Rawalpindi. They also claim that they are implementing actions on whatever plans they had made.

  • Download CBR Town Map
  • Click to find CBR Town Instalment plan

CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society (CBR ECHS) is gaining rapid success and has already opened its phase 2 for residential plot sale. Like other good housing societies in Rawalpindi, CBR ECHS also offers plots in different sizes as well as reasonable prices that gradually increase according to plot size and type. The residential opportunity and investment in real estate business in CBR is complimented with the attractive amenities provided to its residents.


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