Bluw World Economic Zone (BWEZ)

What is Blue World Economic Zone?

Blue World Economic Zone is a unique concept launched in Pakistan.As we know the importance and significance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor also known as CPEC.Thus the economic corridor are bound to attract a regional and international trade in Pakistan and Overseas. The global trade and the route of the business have attracted a lot of new developers to build , Town and commercial centres new the...

10 Reasons to invest in Bahria Town Islamabad

10 reasons to Invest in Bahria Town Islamabad

10 Reason to Invest in Bahria Town   Why Investors in Pakistan and Abroad love Bahria Town The fame of Bahria Towns (Phase 1 to Phase 8) has attracted a large number of residents. Foreign investors, businessmen and renters love to choose this location.  People invest in Bahria Town in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.This is an extensive network of beautifully developed Bahria Housing Schemes. It is still...


Best Housing schemes in Rawalpindi

Best Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi   Best Housing schemes in Rawalpindi . As Rawalpindi has been developing over decades. Thus creating a mix of well-established and newly emerging housing societies in the location of Rawalpindi. In the well developed city housing schemes, Plot prices are very high due to saturation and rush in the nearby markets. On the other hand, newly developing societies at...

Blue world city islamabad

Everything You Need to Know About Blue World City

With the increasing number of housing projects in Pakistan, it cannot be easy to keep up. Some projects are huge, while others are not so much. However, when it comes to the mega housing societies, Blue World City takes the cake.Suppose you have not heard of the project; no need to worry. We have got it covered for you. Here is everything you need to know about Blue World City. Overview Blue...

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